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Carroll Academy Grandparents Academic Partnership (GAP)

The Carroll Academy TPA (Teacher Parents Association) has formed a grandparents club.  The club is named GAP (Grandparent Academic Partnership).  We feel the Grandparents of our students are an important, special part of Carroll Academy.  Grandparents participate and support their grandchildren, through athletics, school programs, graduation, helping with homework, and even transporting back and forth to school.  Grandparents are a huge part of a child's life.  By joining the GAP club, you will be financially supporting the learning environment of the school.  Our goal is to promote and enhance the learning environment for our children and the future children of Carroll Academy.  One hundred percent of the funds of TPA / GAP are given back to the school.

All membership donations will be used to help keep the electronics of today's world updated for our students such as computers, programs and smart boards.  Theere are different levels of membership:

  • Platinum - $100 or more
  • Gold - $75
  • Silver - $50
  • Bronze - $25


Membership will be recognized by having your name placed on an annual GAP membership board and listed in the yearbook.  We welcome all grandparents to the club.  If you are interested in being another part of your grandchild's education, please print this form and make checks payable to CA TPA / GAP , and mail to P.O. Box 226, Carrollton, MS 38917.

For our students and school:

Carroll Academy TPA

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Level of Donation: ______________________

Amount of Donation: ___________________