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Entrance Requirements


Carroll Academy Admissions Policy

Entrance into Carroll Academy is based on certain criteria mandated or suggested by the accreditation manual of the MAIS, as well as other criteria set forth by the Board of Directors of Carroll Academy.  The criteria listed below are used by the administration, but not limited to the following:

1.  For students entering the 3-year-old kindergarten, he/she must have reached his/her 3rd birthday on or before September 1st.  For students entering the 4-year-old kindergarten, he/she must have reached his/her 4th birthday on or before September 1st.  For 5-year-old kindergarten, he/she must have reached his/her 5th birthday on or before September 1st. 

All entering students in our Kindergarten program must have the following information prior to their admission:

a. A certified birth certificate
b. A copy of their Social Security Card
c. Immunization records (Certificate of Compliance)

2.  Students transferring from another school must be in good standing from the school in which they left.  Students applying for grades 1-12 must go through the following process:

a. A review of previous school performance
b. Admissions testing
c. A parent/guardian and student interview with administration, as well as an appointment with the bookkeeper.

Testing Requirements

Once we review your application and previous school performance, the administration will call and set up a testing time.  Tests will be scheduled and administered individually, and usually, last around 1 hour. Tests are based on the current CA curriculum at the grade level of your student.  This will not be standardized.


After testing, you will be contacted and scheduled for an interview with your student(s) before proceeding with enrollment.  Applications are NOT considered complete until ALL forms have been received.

Students from the local area may be considered for admissions to grades 1-12 only at the beginning of each semester if space is available.  Students who move into the area may be admitted to grades 1-12 at the time of their relocation, as space is available.

Admission to and continued enrollment in Carroll Academy is at the sole discretion of the school.

3.  Class size could limit enrollment.  (This is determined by the administration.)

4.  If a student wishes to return to Carroll Academy after leaving, he/she must have been in good standing at Carroll Academy prior to departure.

5.  Home school students may be accepted pending the validation of competence in the subject area(s).  This can be achieved by testing or by the placement of the students in the desired subject area at a level above the proposed earned credit to establish their ability to perform at the level.  These students should earn their last (6) credits from Carroll Academy to be awarded a diploma from the school.

6.  Any student expelled from Carroll Academy must go before the Board of Directors before he/she will be considered for reinstatement in following years.

7.  Before an applicant is considered a student at Carroll Academy the following information must be on hand:
a.  All applicable fees must be paid.
b. A completed application, contract, and information packet must be on file.
c. Signed page from the student handbook must be on file.