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Accelerated Reader



Carroll has moved toward an emphasis on overall percentage correct in our Accelerated Reader program.  For students to receive the individual yearly incentives, they must have not only the number of required points but also a required overall percentage correct.

First Grade will require an overall 80% correct. Second Grade through Sixth Grade will require an overall 85% correct.

The Accelerated Reader system averages test grades as equal percentages, without any regard to points, book level, length, etc.  So for example, if a student takes five tests and makes the following grades.  80, 80, 60, 100 and 100, the system adds the test grades together and then divides by number of test grades. So 420 (the total) is divided by 5 (the number of tests taken), and the overall average is 84%.

An easy way for you as a parent to keep up with your child's overall percentage correct is through Accelerated Reader's Home Connect.